Friday, February 1, 2008

Senator Aliyu Chickens Out!

Why am I not surprise that after blowing hot and cold on the floor of the Senate with a threat to name 419 lawmakers that the chairman of the Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Senator Nuhu Aliyu has backed out.

I particularly like the way my Colleague Sufuyan Ojeifo who covers the Senate puts it: "He shouted on rooftop that the National Assembly was riddled with fraudsters. On the floor of the Senate, he threatened to name the alleged ‘419’ lawmakers but he was cut short. But when he was given a field day and was expected to savour the moment, he chickened out. It was an anti-climax of sort yesterday in the Senate. Chairman of the Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Senator Nuhu Aliyu, dramatically withdrew his statement that there were fraudsters in the National Assembly".

Some colleagues wore to high heavens that the man was fearless and was going to do just that. But guess what? According to Aliyu, he was chickening out because of his friends that he wants to keep and the respect that he doesn't what to loose. If that is not selfishness tell me what is?
Hear him: "During the debate my contribution became controversial and angered many of my colleagues and members of the House of Representatives. The media had a field day. I have come to realise that I am losing my friends in the Senate because of that debate. I do not want to lose them. “The controversy of that debate must end. We must be our brothers’ keepers. We must remain absolute, strong and united as a single family. I know both members of the House and Senate have tremendous respect for me. I want to keep that respect. “I have made contacts with my lawyers who have advised me strongly to withdraw that aspect of the statement I made that there are 419ners in the National Assembly".

But to fool himself and not us he then made mention of the late member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Morris Ibekwe, who was arrested, detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in connection with fraud and eventually died in detention, as a fraudster.

I am sure if Ibekwe was alive he would not have dared.

You see why in politics there is only permanent interest but no permanent friend or enemy?

But my happiness is that the members of the National Assembly his friends inclusive have decided to throw his apology to his face and they insist he must mention the names. If he doesn't he must be sanctioned.

I agree with the Deputy Senate President, Ekweremadu that “Senators are part of the political leadership of the country and their statements carry much weight and influence.” While insisting that since the matter had already been referred to the Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions Committee, the letter should be sent to the committee to handle along with the main investigations. The deputy Senate president pointed out that “Parliamentary immunity does not preclude parliamentary decency.”

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