Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Glo Stop Paying Our Enemy

My people,
I am just recovering from the shock of sunday o! These boys made me grew gray hair over night and I am holding Glo responsible for inflicting this pain on us. If you must support our football will you not settle for a super coach that will improve on the image of your brand?
If NFA has refused to sack the man because of he small small 'egunje' can't glo severe relationship?
In my opinion that coach is a bad image for glo as a product and is about time they hands off or we will campaign that Nigerians boycott their network. Those that already have the line will not recharge or throw the damn sim away. How can anybody support our enemy? This man came and killed the only thing that does not know religion, ethicity, color or creed.NFA needs entire cleansing but who will do it? Yar'Adua has his headache waiting for the tribunal to decide his fate so the man no get our time abeg.
Glo stop paying our enemy o or else!
What do you think guys?

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