Friday, February 29, 2008

Salt of the Earth!

Hi Folks,

Life is indeed nothing! Like King Solomon said, all is vanity. Imagine! Today you are here full of dreams, aspirations, hope, vision and the next minute you are no more. What happens to all those plans?

Unfortunately for us in Nigeria we have a very short memory. Once we loose somebody close to us especially if the person is not a family, we wail for like a month at most and then we are back to our old ways, cheating, lying, stealing, hating, defrauding, killingetc.

The scenerio I saw this morning at the church were the final mass was held for Late Brig. Gen Giwa Amu made me wonder what the struggle is all about.

Everyone I met had encountered Amu, some had projects with him on how to reform the Army, some knew him way back as school mates, some met by chance and have remained friends and the story goes on and on.

The whole essence of this is to ask, if death comes knocking now what will you be remembered for? Giwa Amu made impact on his children, wife, brothers, sisters, mother, uncle, friends, church, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Military etc. The list is endless. Many came not just to register their presence but because they are truly hurt that indeed Amu has gone forever.

Many wished they had a chance to pay him at least less than one per cent of what he did for them. The tears were genuine but he has ran his race and he will be welcomed in the bossom of the Lord. He no longer feels our pain neither will we here his deep baritone voice either condemning, making fun or just offering advise.

Remember you are the salt of the earth and if you loose your taste of what use is your presence here?

You have every right to be hurt but forgive immediately. Heaven is real and so is hell.
God pls give us the grace to impact life each day of our lives here on earth. Amen

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