Thursday, February 21, 2008

People's Opinion Doesn't Matter!

Hi Folks,

Why do we allow people's opinion to dictate our next line of action? Don't get me wrong o! There is nothing wrong if genuine friends express concern about you and give suggestions on the way forward but when it turns to gossips and jealous talk, then to hell with all of them.
I read Linda's blog today and I must stay she remains the best blogger I have ever known. Always hitting the nail on the head.
Hear Linda:
"They have no right to tell you you're a bad person.
They have no right to tell you you will fail.
They have no right to spread false rumours about you.
They do have a right to dislike you...and you have a right...not to care"
....People who don't like themselves are people who are empty inside.
You want to be as beautiful as Genevieve Nnaji but you are not.
You want to be as famous as Tuface...but you're not.
You want to be as a rich as JJ Okocha...but you're not.
You want to be as intlligent as Wole Soyinka...but you are not
You want to sing like Fela Anikulapokuti...but you can't
You want to write as well as Chimamanda Adichie...but can not
You want to speak as eloquently as Fela Durotoye...but can't
So what if you're not? So what if you can't?"

This just summarises my thoughts on this matter.

B4 now I use to loose sleep over comments people make about me.
My late mum had to drum it into my ears when she realised I was allowing every comment distablise me.
She'll say: "Julie dear, the mouth is meant 4 talking so if you think nobody will ever talk about you, then you are not existing on this earth. You are nice they will say you are pretending, you are harsh they will say who go marry dis one? So my dear provided God is happy with you and your conscience does not judge you, don't live your life pleasing anybody. It won't change a thing".
My mum started drumming that into my ears when I was almost going crazy about side talks. There were times I carried long face for days if not months if as much as hear any negative comment about me. I always want to prove them wrong and would go about explaining to whoever cares to listen my own version.
There was a day I heard one terrible gist about me. It was so bad I had to ask could that be me? I was even confused bcos the picture didn't fit.
My Pastor says if you are not talked at you are not making impact.
I'll tell you that it was when my mum died that I said to hell with everybody else. If I earn N100, 99.9% will be on me. I make me happy. I can buy whatever I like, wear what I like, eat what I like no matter the cost becos u know what? It is my sweat!

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BOBBY said...

Thats the right attitude!!!!