Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can We Now Move Forward?

Hi folks,
Yesterday's verdict of the Presidential Tribunal Elections has come and gone. The lawyers and opposition are giving mixed reactions and that is to be expected.
But if you ask me, I'll say we are literally at a stand still as far as moving this country forward is concern. Three months into the new year, everything seems to be at a stand still no budget, the Niger Delta crisis is worsening, the political thugs are having a filled day and so are the armed robbers.
This government has been too slow and commentators before now had blamed it on the outcome of the tribunal. Now it is out and even though the opponents are heading for the Supreme Court can we please move forward?
There is crisis in the education sector - ASUU is on strike and so is ASUP. The kidnapping in the Niger Delta is now a major business soon to be quoted on the stock exchange, the bad roads in the country are killing our citizens daily etc.
President Yar'Adua owes us a duty to stop this rhetoric of rule of law and get down to business. We need to feel this government and not just the reversals of previous government even though is the same party manifesto.

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