Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sad End for Commissioner Enoma-Calus

Hi Folks,

It is very said that missing Edo Commissioner Information and Orientation, Barrister Calus Enoma, was found dead in Palm Royal Hotel, in Ugbowo area of Benin, the state capital.

The late commissioner was said to have had a deep cut on his forehead while his body was swollen and stinking at the time police detectives forced the door to his room open on Monday.
He was found dead naked on a bed in the hotel room.

But what i found reckless is the statement by the Special Adviser on Communication to Governor Osunbor, Mr. Tony Ikpasaja, demanding that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and the AC should produce Barrister Enoma within 48 hours or face dire consequences. A former Journalist, Ikpasaja should know that you just don't make spurious statement all in the name of politics.

How did the Governor know that Enoma was abducted at a hotel and what was he doing at the murder scene when the corpse was found? This is suspicious and I hope the police will get to the end of this matter.

For the hotel management, how will your guest check into your hotel since friday and did not contact since then not even to ask for water and you did not bother to check out why? Was his room not supposed to be made each day?

According to the police sources, Enoma had driven himself to the hotel on Friday night in a car that bore no security number. He was said to have dropped his police orderly at his residence, where the policeman also lives, before driving out alone.

This too is pregnant. He must of have been lurd out but by who and for what?

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