Thursday, April 17, 2008

Iyabo Obasanjo Fears for Life!

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Stories like this makes me want to puck. Is either she is playing with our intelligence or the EFCC and herself are playing out script but we are not fools. But again she is having a taste of her father's medicine. He used the EFCC to mate out the same treatment including the former Plateau State governor.

Wonders they say will never end. Rather than go to the EFCC to clear her name she has embark on a cheap campaign that her life is in danger. She is also continuing in her father's shoe of his contempt for the Nigerian media. Rather than talk to the Nigerian press about her plight she ran to the BBC but I can assure her it will not help her.

Hear her: "There's a very huge anti-Obasanjo sentiment in the country now and honestly the behaviour is not normal."

But pray, is it normal not to answer a call by a security agency or is it an anti-fraud agency to clear your name? Whether she likes it or not, her father is no longer the President of this country and she must pay for her sins. Like somebody said, she has not even achieved half of what the two former Ministers – Prof. Adenike Grange and Gabriel Adukuformer Ministers – Prof. Adenike Grange and Gabriel Aduku and yet they were humble enough to make themselves available including facing the embarrassment of the court. Who the hell is this woman?

If I may ask, what is the usefulness of her being alive? Her being alive is causing us terrible embarrassment all over the world worst than what the yahoo boys and our thiefing politicians are doing. Unfortunately for her she cannot even run abroad as is the normal practice with her likes. In the US, she is wanted and in the UK with the help of interpol, she is sure to be brought back in handcuffs. Even some African countries will not want anything to do with her talkless of seeking refuage there, so my advise now is for her to appear before the EFCC and hasten the process of either clearing her name or heading to jail. period!

Below is her story as given to BBC
Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, daughter of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, has said she fears for her life. Obasanjo-Bello is implicated in the N300 million Health Ministry scam and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) now wants her to be prosecuted for the alleged offence.
Her comments came after the anti-corruption agents raided her home in Abuja in an attempt to bring her to face prosecution.
She told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) yesterday that EFCC agents slapped her personal assistant during their visit to her house two days ago.
"I am afraid of the EFCC... they slapped my PA when they got to the house," she said
"I'm not on the run but I feel as if I'm a victim of harassment... I'm afraid for my life," she added.
Obasanjo-Bello, who chairs the Senate's Health Commi-ttee, was charged along with ten other top officials of the Health Ministry, including two former Ministers – Prof. Adenike Grange and Gabriel Aduku - for sharing the proceeds of corruption
After charges against Obasanjo-Bello were read in court last week, the EFCC said she had to turn herself in as soon as possible.
She was said to have bolted out of the house through the back door when the men of EFCC came to her house uninvited on Tuesday.
She told the BBC she could not understand why her home was raided when she had visited the EFCC offices twice in the past week and made herself available through her lawyer.
"There's a very huge anti-Obasanjo sentiment in the country now and honestly the behaviour is not normal."
Grange and Aduku resigned from their positions in March after an investigation uncovered N300m had not been returned to the coffers of the Federal Government after the fiscal year ended.
Yesterday, Obasanjo-Bello did not show up in the Senate for the sitting.
Her seat beside Senator Anthony Manzo's was empty at plenary and the Senate was spared her characteristic movements from one side of the chamber to the other during sitting.
The money was said to have been part of the unspent N300 million in the 2007 budget of the Health Ministry which was shared by top officials of the Ministry as Christmas bonus or gift.
All the accused persons, save Obasanjo-Bello, had been charged to court on account of being beneficiaries of the procceds of corruption.
Meanwhile, the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) has chided the EFCC over its operatives’ failed attempt to arrest Obasanjo-Bello over her alleged involvement in the scam.
Aside from chiding the EFCC, the TMG through its chairman, Comrade Moshood Erubami, described the drama of the evasion of arrest by Obasanjo-Bello as not portraying her as a good representative of her people.
He said: "The TMG sees the whole episode as not portraying the Senator as a good and trusted representative of the electorate in her constituency.
"The question one should ask the on-the-run-Senator is, "if it is true that the money was meant for a retreat in Ghana, why is she on the run?”
The group insisted that the anti-graft body was still treating the arrest of the Senator with kid gloves noting that if Obasanjo-Bello were to be an ordinary Nigerian, she would have been arrested and arraigned for long by the EFCC.

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