Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ribadu Removed Because 419er Petition?

The Guardian report today that Nuhu Ribadu was sent on compulsory study leave based on some "damaging" tool in the hand of one of the ex-convicts, Chief Emmanuel O. Nwude, that the anti-graft body had prosecuted and jailed is laughable if indeed is true.

Nwude, recently published an open letter to the President on how the EFCC defrauded him through the sale of his numerous assets to offset his victims. Did i hear defraud? A 419er saying he was defrauded on the properties he ruined lives to build?

Chief Nwude, who completed his jail terms last year, reportedly found his way into the Presidency (how bad can it get) and complained to the President's men about the way the EFCC allegedly sold his assets to cronies at ridiculous prices. Haba! If indeed the President is acting on this man's petition to send Ribadu on this study leave then we are in trouble.

According to the Guardian, "The officials (Nwude reported to) were said to have taken notes of the graphic details of the ex-convict's complaints against the EFCC boss and his men.
According to sources, Nwude was asked to write details of the allegations against the EFCC boss to the President. He promptly did. He was later encouraged to publish the serious allegations in some key dailies.
In the full page advertorial, Chief Nwude narrated how in 2003, he was arrested and charged for fraud by the ACP Nuhu Ribadu-led EFCC.
Nwude, generally believed to be the first major catch by the EFCC at inception, chronicled 18 items of the alleged EFCC corrupt practices in the sale of his assets to named EFCC cronies and how their consultants and lawyers benefited from it.
Besides, the complainant told the President how certain judicial officers in the Lagos judiciary allegedly compromised their positions by colluding with the EFCC in the alleged deals. He asked the President to order serious inquiry into the allegations.

Admitting that what he did was not good, Nwude appealed to the President to "use your good office and look into my case and also temper justice with mercy. I have been stripped bare. I am homeless and I have nothing to live on..."

I have had arguements with colleagues and friends to the point of almost exchanging blows that Ribadu's exist from EFCC will not reduce their fights because it is all about an institution and not an individual. I had insisted that his movement to NIPSS had no political undertone but if he was removed because of a confirmed thief's petition, then I am disappointed.

My final thought is that since Nwude did not have conscience to deal mercifully with his victims when he was cleaning them out of their hard earn money he must not be given the satisfaction of listening to his petition talkless of acting on it to the point of sending Ribadu on compulsory study leave.

What you sow you must surely reap so those behind this must watch their backs. Obasanjo never believed in his wildest dream to get the kind of bad press when it comes to his achievements while in office but it is happening in his life time. At least we now know according reports in the papers that the President's daughter also has itching fingers.

Let's see where this ends

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