Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Return of Vaswani Brothers

I am totally against injustice but I hope the return of the Vaswani Brothers will benefit Nigerians.

"In May 2003, the brothers were sent out of the country under controversial circumstances by the immediate past government.Since their deportation, the Vaswani brothers have set up a multi billion dollar company in Dubai such that the deportation was said to have been a blessing in disguise. It is not clear yet whether the Vaswani brothers will return fully or only establish some presence in Nigeria.Meanwhile, a source close to the brothers has attributed the revocation order by the Federal Government to an elaborate exercise of establishing their innocence from a host of false and unsubstantiated allegations lodged against them by their business rivals" - THISDAY December 13, 2007.

I am sure why they are succeeding in Dubai is because they follow laid down rules and regulations.
Only recently, the Nigerian Police uncover expired rice rebaged by Indians with the aim of sending back to the market with the intension of killing the poor Nigerian masses.
Personally, I think the days where foreigners are favoured to the detriment of Nigerians are over. If indeed these Indian brothers have been cleared, they must do business according to the laws of the land. It is time we begin to practicalised the international best practices in all sphers of our lives.

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Juliana said...

Threat By Militants Over Ibori Arrest!

Some Niger-Delta militant groups have threatened to launch fresh violent attacks on strategic federal and other interests in the region in protest against the arrest and detention of ex-Governor James Ibori by the EFCC, saying the former Delta State Chief Executive was more a victim of political manipulation by enemies of the Niger-Delta people.

Isn't it very interesting how foolish some people can be? Ibori stole the commonwealth of the people rather than march to some of the stolen assets in Nigeria and taking possession, some clawns and threatening to protest?
I think is about this these people bluff are called. When you destroy federal government concerns who suffers? Definately you! Because the big men will always live better and get whatever they want with you tax if indeed you pay.
When will youths realise that the likes of Ibori and family should not be allowed to go home with their wealth of the people? For his actions many have died because of lack of medical care, others are homeless bcos of lack of housing, others died as a result of bad roads, and the list goes on and on and on. And some youths want to protest? They should all be picked up and given the same treatment as Ibori. Is about time the military are given a free hand to do what they should do to stop this nonsense once and 4 all.

Anonymous said...

it s so harp posting a comment on ur blog i just tried posting a comment on frank and kathy but had to give up i dont understand that language i beg translate to english
now to my comment 1 st on the Vaswanis,their deportation was mostly based on sabotage or whatever by a powerful northern business mogul who they say is the richest man in Nigeria,who also imports rice and wanted to monopolise the market,so forget the expired rice story.
then to the kathy/frank story i ve been wondering why linda did not update on that,events ve overtaken that story ,that couple gave the most romantic interview i ve ever read believe me,they re very back together now and i trust God they re more solid now and ve both learnt their lessons,