Friday, December 21, 2007

Niger Delta Kidnap in whose interest?

The news coming out from the Niger Delta especially Bayelsa continues to leave sour taste in the mouth. I really must ask these questions and please somebody especially one of the militants must answer me.
How is this action contributing to the development of the area? Whose interest are they really serving? If it is about the struggle for the liberation of the people of the area, how much of the ransome money collected so far have been used for the development of the area (Robin Hood style if you get my drift)?
The papers today were awash with the latest kidnap of the 91-year old father of the Accountant General of Bayelsa state, Chief Andason Zidafamo. That this occured barely 24 hours after the Joint Military Task Force operating in Bayelsa State stormed the base of the militants rescuing in the process the Octogenerian father of the State Deputy Governor, Pa Simeon Ebebi, who lamented his maltreatment in the hands of his kidnappers is even more annoying.
As far as I am concern it is clear this is all about enriching their pockets. The struggle might have been focussed at first but right now it is all about self enrichment. I hear these guys live large even in the creeks so how can this stop?
Severally, the military has said time without number that these militants can be smoked out in seconds once they get the order from above. Whatever is delaying this order from being given I think the continous rubbishing of our image in the international community with the activities of these guys is enough reason to give it now.
I really don't see why we should continue to give these guys the leverage when they are making us look as if we are in civil war. If the new govt says let's talk shouldn't u at least listen or give them a time frame? can the region be changed over night with such volatile environment?
I am personally sick about the whole thing and I hope the militants either stop or they are stopped.

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