Monday, December 17, 2007

Addressing Electoral Fraud

It is very sad that despite the rulings in our courts confirming last April elections as sham, the local government elections have not been any better. Rather its been massive fraud trailed by electoral violence leading to innocent people's death.
The so called 'largest political party' PDP in Africa has indeed proved that they must rule Nigerians by force either by hook or crook. To them the elections is 'do or die' affair.
How is it possible that in a whole state all the local government areas would be won by PDP despite the damage they have done to our democracy? But my happiness is that our judiciary has risen to the occeasion and would continue to void this sham called elections.
Another goodnews is that even President Yar'Adua is embarrassed and sad by the whole thing and has called for a meeting in early January with all governors and other stakeholders. Let's see how far this will go.

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Poli-tricks said...

This electoral fraud will continue as long as politics is seen as means of making money rather than serving the peolpe.
I look forward to the time politics will be less attractive, I also look forward to the time politicians will see themselves as servants while Nigerians will be masters because they have powers to vote the bastards out of power.
And we all know that naturally no one wants to be servant but master
I pray that God should send us our Moses in no time because this political mess is too much.
How can we be thirsty in the midst of ocean.... Keep up the good job, Juliana.
With this few comment, I yeild.