Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Clean is Grange Hands?

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Former Minister of Health, Prof. Adenike Grange, yesterday said her sudden exit was “due to recent events” in the ministry, but maintained that while she accepted responsibility for what happened during her brief tenure, she was not accepting guilt since she was not the chief accounting officer of the ministry.
If her hands are cleans how come she returned N14 million to the coffers?

“I am leaving this cabinet because I consider my dignity, reputation and legacy - values that I have worked hard for and hold dearly. I am returning to my unblemished career which I have assiduously laboured for over the years with resounding success nationally and internationally and to the business of which I am familiar with – saving the lives of mothers and children across Nigeria and the world in general".

Unblemishe career? who is she deceiving? Herself i suppose. Her name will always be synonimous with fraud henceforth until she goes down to the grave. She will be hunted by this single act of greed because she had all the time in the world to say no but choose to follow the beautiful road that leads to destruction. She must now realise that good name is better than gold nor silver.

Hear her:
“As a professional and a technocrat, I must admit that the level of decay and corruption within the Ministry and the whole Nigerian system as we all know glaringly need to be decisively tackled and purged".

But the very first chance she had to implement that she choose to join the bandwagon.

"I saw my invitation to serve on this cabinet as an opportunity for professionals to join in the extirpation and re-engineering of the whole system to move this great country forward expediently.
“I wish to clearly state that while I am not the chief accounting officer to the ministry; the fact is that the recent episode involving contracts and welfare packages happened under my leadership for which I accept responsibility but not the blame".

B4 nko na me she go blame?

"However my acceptance of responsibility should not be misconstrued as an admission of guilt but rather a path of honour for lapses and intrigues under my watch for which I unfortunately was not well versed in,” Grange said.

Good raddiance to bad rubbish.

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