Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eliot Spitzer New York Governor Resigns!

Hi Folks,

Can you imagine this? A few minutes ago, Eliot Spitzer, the Govenror of New York announced that he has resigned, "completing a spectacular fall from power for a politician whose once-promising career imploded amid allegations that he paid thousands of dollars for high-end prostitutes" according to the Associated Press.
In a country where it is a pride to flaunt that you actually did it with a governor can this scenerio ever take place here? Even in our universities where lecturers openly demand for sex in exchange for marks can this happen here?
Hear Spitzer "There is much more to be done, and I cannot allow my private failings to disrupt the people's work." Haba! Can any human be that unselfish in Nigeria? How many governors in Nigeria openly had mistresses who gave them male children (two of them from the Niger Delta) and to add salt to injury send them to the UK and other European countries with tax payers money?
Compare this with several governors in Nigeria that stole their states blind and openly displayed the wealth for the people to see (private jets, latest automobiles, choice houses all over the world, their kids in choice schools all over the world) while their states cannot boost of any good road, education, health care, electricity etc. Those that the EFCC have managed to arraign are claiming innocence.
I duff my hat for the American Constitution that brings the president, governor and the common man on the street before the law and treat them equally.
As a die-hard optimist, Nigeria will get there.

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Anonymous said...

the morality threashold in nigeria is very low so it will never happen. were the goverment to bring in these rules the women in nigeria will be up in arms because they are worse than the men in low level corruption.

anyway as an optimist there is hope that one day the place will change probably year 3003