Sunday, January 6, 2008

Frank & Katherine Edoho

Away from Nigeria problems I have something disturbing me right now.

I just read about the marital problems of Frank and Katherine Edoho and to say the least I am very sad. I am so sad to know Frank is a wife beater and I am unhappy that Katherine rather than seek professional help for her husband choose to throw everything they stood for to the wind by going to the press. I hope this will not end like Fred and Agatha Amata or Esse and Kingsley Ogoro etc.

My sister is in a similar situation right now. Initially she was the silient one in the matter while the hubby made us believed she was the devil in the marriage. Of course she got the tongue lashing of her life from us all bcos we thought she was the trouble maker. But when he started threatening her with acid bath, machete cuts and outright killing, we advised her to move out with the help of the police while her hubby cools down.

He initially he called us unprintable names rather than plead with his wife for them to find solution but when the damage had gone too far and he realised the wife was ready to divorce him, he started running to the same family (both his and ours that he was insulting for help).
Right now they are trying to solve the problem but i honestly do not know how it will end.

My point is, you can only solve your problem if you admit there is indeed a problem. I am so sad because both Frank and Katherine are my favourite celebrity couple in Nigeria. Frank needs help and that is sure but Katherine will have to help her husband, going to the press is not the solution. I am against her keeping silence on the issue but how many professional help has she sought for her man?I hope part of Frank's problem is not because he allowed his fame to get into his head bcos b4 now his wife was the famous one and we didn't hear of any wahala. I am damn sure he must have been getting a lot of female attention this of course might blind and make him think his wife can be replaced at will.

I pray family members, church leaders and genuine friends would interven and reconcile them, this marriage must not end like this pls. Katherine also needs to know this might just be attack from the devil becos he hates happy homes and will do anything to destroy it. If frank is really interested in getting his wife back, he must seek help and he must attend the sessions with his wife. My prayer is that God will restore their home in Jesus Name. Amen.

People what do you think? Drop your comments pls.


Saintarian said...

Is this guy trying to... maybe millionaire his wife. Thats a disappointment, but talking to the press (negatively) about your husband, thats madness. i HATE a third party in relationship issues not to talk of the universe(press). Unoficially, i need to reproduce this article on my blog. Please mail me your reply.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
it's so sad that im just getting to know about this family chaos now. i love both frank and katherine, but i've never been a strong fan of frank due to his egocentric nature. U could observe his self pride even while presenting the highly watched show.
nevertheless, im so disappointed in katherine's actions. Well Juliana has said it all. That was a good comments and advice from Godly perpective.
Hope to read more comments from your blog.
eeeh lest i forget- gud to know u r a gunner. Expect more patronage from me.
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