Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ateke Ready to Surrender

It is heartwarming to hear that the leader of the Niger Delta Vigilante Movement, Mr. Tom Ateke, has said he is ready to lay down arms.

Atake declared wanted by security agencies, said he has grown tired of fighting and killing human beings and called on those brokering the peace between him and the government of Governor Rotimi Amaechi to hasten the process.

He also assured that if adequate arrangements were made to secure his freedom, he would be willing to embrace peace but warned that “Nobody should talk about surrender of arms for now until when it will be discussed, let’s face peace now as me and my boys are not animals to live in the creeks this way”.

There is no gain saying that the loosers of this militants fights have been the poor in the region.While the funders and militants themselves have been smiling to the bank, the people of the area have continued to suffer environmental degradation, poverty, health issues, homelessness among others.

Atake will be doing his people a lot more good if he indeed lay down arms.

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